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TWRISTIAETH WERDD - SUSTAINABLE TOURISM      Bed and Breakfast Green Dragon Award

In the interests of energy efficiency we request guests to ensure that all electrical appliances and lights are switched off before leaving their room. No equipment has a standby mode.

Wherever possible we use low energy light bulbs which consume very little resources. In public areas they are left on for our visitors’ safety. The exterior lights contain low energy light bulbs or are switched on by the visitors' movement (PIR). The PIR lights will switch off automatically after a short time delay.

To reduce our energy consumption, when weather conditions permit, the central heating boiler is off between midnight and 7:00 am and again between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Our sewage systems are self contained and do not add to the already overcrowded public systems. The digested products are recycled within the surrounding land. We request that guests do not place indigestible products down the toilets! All `green waste' from the kitchen and garden is composted and recycled through our garden. Cooked waste is fed to our chickens.

All paper, plastic, cardboard, light bulbs and glass is taken to the recycling depot.

We practice an eco-friendly policy of minimum demand on our water and power resources. To help us in this we ask our guests to use their towels for more than one day. If they do require fresh towels, they are advised to place used towels on the floor of the shower tray or in the bath. Whenever possible laundry is dried on the washing line and not in a tumbler dryer.

When renovating Allt y Golau Farmhouse we used natural products in preference to synthetic wherever possible. These natural products (mostly wood) have been acquired from well managed and sustainable sources (along the lines laid down by the Forest Stewardship Council).

We use our own produce or, where possible, local supplies so that the `food mileage' is low.

The unique environmental appeal of the region is possibly its strongest asset. It requires a concerted effort to ensure that the environment of today is conserved and improved for future generations of local people and visitors to enjoy. This applies equally to the culture and history of the region and its people. Because of this special natural inheritance, we and our neighbours practice sustainable organic farming methods.

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