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Walks in Carmarthenshire

Get walking in Carmarthenshire! You don't have to be super-fit to tackle these five rewarding walks, written by Derek Brockway, BBC Wales' popular main weather presenter. Just click on the links to download the pdf containing maps and descriptions - and they're free! Some of the walks are lengthy with start and end points widely dispersed but they may be walked in sections. The walk descriptions below are adapted from Derek Brockway’s walks.

DOLAUCOTHI: This walk takes you on a tour through time as you walk around the Dolaucothi Gold Mines, before breaking out onto the nearby estate and climbing up to the trig point for some stunning views over the Cothi Valley.


DINEFWR PARK: This route takes you through the spectacular grounds of Dinefwr Park, encompassing the incredible Newton House, Dinefwr Castle and much more.This is a circular route, and although it’s a decent length, it’s quite gentle most of the way through. Sensible footwear is essential, as a lot of the route is through woodland that can be slightly boggy in poor weather conditions.


LLANSTEFFAN: This delightful walk takes you through the scattered farms and lanes of the Llansteffan Peninsula and around its spectacular headland, offering commanding views of the South Wales coast. The walk ends in the picturesque village of Llansteffan with its vast sandy beach. This is a long walk but the paths are mostly good and the climbs, while long, are not too steep.


CARREG CENNEN CASTLE: The dramatic and very photogenic Carreg Cennen Castle provides the focal point for this circular route. The undulating route takes you up to the castle before dropping back down to cross the river Cennen. Rising back up the other side through woods and fields onto open moorland, it then follows a short level section of quiet mountain road before dropping down to the Cennen again and back to the start.


LOUGHOR ESTUARY: This walk along the Loughor Estuary starts at the Millennium Coastal Park in Llanelli and finishes 11 miles away at Pembrey Old Harbour. The walk may be done in short sections as there are ample descriptions of places on the route and an excellent map.


LAUGHARNE: This delightful walk through Dylan Thomas country takes in views of the Taf Estuary, the coastal salt marshes, and across the rolling hills of Carmarthenshire. Sections of the walk follow the Dylan Thomas Birthday Walk and the Wales Coast Path. They also take in the ancient sunken lanes around Laugharne. The walk is a “figure of eight” with the mid-point in the town of Laugharne. This means you can break the walk into two sections.


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